Squash+ Private Coaching

Looking to fast track your Squash improvement or looking to add those extra percentage gains to your game to take you to the next level, then why don’t you book a private session with one of our Elite SQUASH+ Coaching team today.

Types of Private Sessions we offer at SQUASH+

Individual Session
This is a 1to1 private session that can be booked for 40 minutes or an hour. It will give you that valuable 1on1 time with a SQUASH+ coach to focus on all aspects of your game.

Individual Video Analysis Session
This a private 1to1 session with SQUASH+ Director Pete Billson for 1 Hour. This session will utilise the latest video analysis equipment to provide participant feedback in terms of technique and movement. The video analysis is fantastic for highlighting areas to improve and actually showing the participant where these improvements need to be made.  Your game can be analysed next to the top players in the world!!

Pairs Session
As it sounds this is a private coaching session for 2 people, it can be booked again for 40 minutes or an hour.  Participants like this option as it allows them to have a session with a friend and allows them to spread the cost. All aspects of your games can be explored and improved in these sessions.

Group Session
The group private session is for 2 to 4 people. These sessions are a SQUASH+ coach led, group ‘Pressure Session’. These sessions last for 40 minutes as the SQUASH+ Coach takes the group through a squash specific physical session. Through a combination of routines and squash specific exercises the 40 minutes will push the group to THEIR limits. Participants love these sessions as they get a great work out with a group of friends whilst improving their squash.

Please click on one of our SQUASH+ Coaches below. This will provide you with coaches information, times of coaching and cost of coaching.  All private coaching is done at Bowdon Squash Club.

Peter Billson Squash

Peter Billson