At Bowdon Squash Club, racketball has been enjoyed for many seasons. If you are looking for a more aerobic workout, or your joints are finding recovery from a hard Squash workout slow, you should give it a go. Also, we hope it will bring in new members and allow them to compete with established squash players on a more level playing field.

We have internal racketball leagues and there is a racketball event in the end of season club championships.
We see a real future in racketball and encourage you try it as soon as possible. We have rackets and balls which you are able to borrow.

As well as being a great game for experienced squash players, racketball is perfect for people looking to play a fun and competitive sport. A forty-minute racketball match is also a fantastic cardio-vascular workout, for players of all abilities.

Manchester City Council has recently introduced a racketball programme in leisure centres throughout the city, and sessions have been full of people from all walks of life giving the game a try.